What can we do to help you?

Dear readers & followers (you may be both!),

We found it very rewarding and so interesting reading the responses from the last survey. It made us realise that there is still so much more to do. Great strides have been made, especially here in the UK, as we can be Out and generally (most of the time) be safe. From what you have said there are lots of things that you would like to see happen in order to make things better for you and for you to have more to look forwards to, to enjoy!

We can fully understand that there are not a lot of things for Young LGBTQ people to do to meet up, hang out and to just be around others that are like you. Events are generally aimed at adults and not necessarily Young People. From the survey you have pointed out to us what you would like to see more of, here are a few;

* Make Youth support groups are obvious – in a local way

* More visible support in schools and colleges

* To stop stereotyping – we can only try to do this ourselves and stand up to anything we hear that is negative

* To have more support groups for Young LGBTQI people

* To be provided with more accurate Sexuality and Sex Ed in school for LGBTQ not just straight Sex ed.

* To provide information on all gender types/sexualities – a better spectrum of information to be available

* Schools need to be better at making people feel at ease about what “normal” is

* Friendly and fun events for Young LGBTQ people to meet and share their experiences together

* More events that cater for younger LGBTQ people not just adults.

So as you can see you guys have some great ideas about how we can add to the enjoyment and quality for life for you. These things can only happen if you support them and also get involved in promoting them, using the services that are there for you and being visible yourselves. Thank you in advance for your support and for being YOU!

xx The Outing xx

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