Our Aim – Out to support you

What is the Outing & What do we do?

This project started as a support network for Young LGBTQ People. Over the past few year we have made it our goal to educate, support and advise Young LGBTQ People through using social media in a positive way. From our experience we have realised that it is important to show the Young LGBTQ Community that they too are part of the wider community, that they are supported and to not feel alone.

Our goal is to help Young People to feel secure if and when they feel the need to Come Out to their friends and family. We are aiming to show you that being LGBTQ is nothing to be afraid of or to be ashamed of. We are here to help you and guide you if you are in a place where it’s difficult to come out or just offer an ear to listen.

We try to regularly update you on the news and stories from around the LGBTQ community and to encourage you to share your experiences and ask questions about what goes around us. Empowering you to have self-confidence and trust in yourself is something that we at The Outing would like to be a part of. Sharing other people’s stories with you can help you to see that things can and do get better, there is nothing wrong with you and you can lead a full and happy life.

By doing some research into how Young LGBTQ People feel we can hopefully help get a better understanding about how to help you. Finding out your fears and anxieties, trying to answer some of your questions and offering you advice is something that we will always try to do. On the website ‘Theoutingproject.co.uk’ and on twitter we will continue to update you with real stories and situations that mean something to you. We don’t want to exclude any group but you will be able to see that our background and experiences are around being gay and lesbian. We are all on a journey that is about understanding other people’s identities and we hope to share this with you. 

We are hoping to continue to be involved in lots of fundraising activities and to do a few of our own. In 2017 we hope to bring you some more real stories and articles about LGBTQ issues. We will be involved in the London Pride parade 2017 and various other Pride events across the country. 

If you have something to say, something to add or some great fundraising ideas you’d like us to think about please email us at outingproject@gmail.com.

Thank you XX The Outing XX

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