Dating – fun or frightening?

This is a lighthearted look into the trials and tribulations of lesbian dating.

There are a series of things to think about when starting to date, for a Lesbian. Many of these things are the things that STOP us from attempting to put ourselves out there in the shop window, as it were. Stereotypical, tongue and cheek but a hint of truth! You’ve flicked messages to and fro for a while but the next step is to meet, a daunting task at the best of times but the dating environment of an average fully grown Lesbian can be more of a challenge…

1) There is a high possibility that you have dated someone that she has already dated.

2) Worse and quite probable that you have dated her before and have forgotten.

3) The complete and utter fear that when you start talking she will tell you that she loves you and wants to move in.

4) The ‘Do you want kids?’ conversation will come up within the first half an hour.

5) The ‘Best Foot Forward’ approach where you think it’s all going swimmingly but in fact she’s been stalking you for weeks and knows everything about you already.

6) Or the flip side of that, you’re quite into her, she lets you think it’s all going well & you never hear from her again… 

7) You’re getting on well and she says that she is in fact married (to a man), isn’t happy in it but doesn’t want to be out of it… hmmmm. 

8) You have dated her daughter… Or her mother!

9) You go out to meet her and she’s quite lovely, it’s going well but she then gets the ‘help get me out of here’ phone call. Maybe it’s me? 

10) It’s a blind date, you turn up and see your Ex girlfriend sitting there waiting for you (it didn’t work the first time for a reason). 

So dating can be a bit tricky! It’s a small word when it comes to meeting new people who are like-minded and interested in the same things as you. Meeting someone who has the personality to match yours and mindset is rare, so if and when you do… Hold on to them! I’ve met women who would only walk on my right, one that was in love with her therapist and one that wanted to ‘try new things’! All part of the experience I guess. Battling your way through all the stuff that gets in the way is part of the challenge. The world of dating/on-line dating or just meeting someone in a bar/club can be the most frightening thing in the world… But at the same time, I Love the Chase! 

xx The Outing xx

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