Be the change! Volunteer, support and attend!


Rainbow stripes not bars of inequality!

Sometimes it’s hard to actually believe what is happening to the world! The past few months have been a real eye opener and it makes me think that there is not a more crucial time to stand up for what you believe in. During this time of political unrest, change and uncertainty what can we do to make sure that LGBTQ young people/all of us, are not forgotten? How can we make sure that our community has a chance to feel equal and included?

With Trumps dismissal of the whole LGBTQ community in America to the awful atrocities that seem to be unfolding in Chechnya we need to make sure that we are doing our very best this PRIDE MONTH. During this significant time we must be strong and be brave, celebrate pride month, stand together and fight for what we believe in. Together we must continue to try to move forward, no matter how small the steps. It’s hasn’t been long since the Manchester attacks, an unbelievably sad, shocking and terrifying attack on young people out enjoying their lives. This is the time to face that fear head on.

Many LGBTQ people before us fought for change, they put themselves out there in dangerous times to push forward equality and to make people listen. There are lots of things a young LGBTQ person can do this Pride month to show support, lend a hand and be a part of the celebrations. Yes, it may be a scary time, you may feel a little unsafe at times and experience some fear but what you will get out of Pride month will fill you with a sense of PRIDE. We need Pride more than ever!!! There are loads of events on all over the country that you can get involved in. Check out the Pride in London website for a start. You can Volunteer for lots of roles on the day of Pride or just during the month. These things do not happen without Volunteers, so people like us need to make an effort to chip in.

Stonewall, Amnesty, AKT, The LGBT foundation, Schools Out, The LGBT Network and many many more charities and LGBTQ organisations are looking for Volunteers! Tweet them, ring them, old school write to them… try and give a couple of hours of your time to show your support. If you don’t want to miss the Pride Parade in your area there are lots of other things that you can do to help with the preparations. You can also raise money for all LGBTQ charities by doing an event and getting some sponsorships.

One of the most rewarding things I’ve done was to Volunteer at Pride 2 years ago. I met so many fabulous people. It opened up a whole new network of like minded friends for me. It felt great to be part of the day while still having lots of fun. It also adds to your CV and makes you a much more interesting person at an interview. You will have lots to talk about and experiences to share.

So get out and enjoy Pride Month, get stuck in to the events in your local area and celebrate who you are!

xx The Outing xx