Being LGBT in 2015!

LGBT world

Being LGBT today is in some circumstances a breath of fresh air! As a community we have taken huge strides forward. Events like Pride allow us to celebrate being LGBt while still making a political and social statement on LGBT rights. But unfortunately there are still lots of areas where there is little or no LGBT equality. In fact there is still inequality.

Our Health (mental & physical). The health needs to LGBT people is largely ignored in public health areas and in schools/colleges today. Our community needs better monitoring of health and social care. Unfortunately most resources are aimed at heterosexual people and omit reference to LGBT sexual health. Stonewall pointed out that up to 25% of health care professionals have displayed negative or homophobic attitudes. Young people often feel that they have to omit the fact that they are LGBT when talking to their doctors or nurses for fear of bien ‘outed’ or being embarrassed. It’s very important to be open with your GP so you can get the right care. Taking care of your body is very important so read up on the danger and the risks about LGBT sexual activity and how to protect yourself. There are lots of useful resource on the internet to help you start looking after your body.

Labels. The ugly and hurtful reaction to Coming Out is still prevalent. We still have to ‘Come Out’ to people, and not just once. We come out over and over again! There are assumptions and stereotypes made about LGBT people on a daily bases and sometimes by other LGBT people too. We need to get better at accepting people for who they are and NOT labelling them. You don’t have to dress a certain way, or act in a way that others want you to. Often people look at an LGBT person and make judgements about their lifestyles, their choices and even their personalities. We are all just people and our diversity is what makes the world an interesting place. So DITCH THE LABELS!

Thankfully things are improving slowly, we are waiting for some of the world to catch up but we’ll get there! Keep supporting LGBT charities, events and Pride festivals near you. Do what you can to change people’s negativity towards LGBT people and have the conversation to educated those who just may not understand.

The article below from the Guardian is an interesting look at being LGBT around the world.