Be Brave, Be You – Coming Out!


So I’d been with a girl for nearly a year when I was 13. It’s been almost 2 years gone and I’m 14 now but I didn’t really come out as such. I was so scared. One of my friends knew and one particular time I let her use my phone. I found out she had text my mam telling her I’m a lesbian. My mam was shocked and is telling me not to tell my other siblings because it will affect all of us so I didnt to start with. I was terrified about coming home from town that day and seeing her face to face. She’d practically shouted from the roof tops about my sisters boyfriends or that one of my sisters was expecting a baby and very happy. With me it was something not talked about and had to be hidden.

I have 2 lesbian aunts so I told them, we weren’t close but they were supportive and told me to not be scared. You are who you are and good luck, that sort of thing. So I thought, okay I’ll deal with who I was and in a way it was a relief because I’d been so isolated and alone before.

I hung around town for a bit then when I went home, sat my mam down and said I don’t like what your doing to me. She’s a great parent and didn’t understand how it was making me feel weird and different and unaccepted so we talked. We listening to each others points of view about it and in the end she said “look, I’m your mam; I love you to bits and I’m sorry”. Then my sisters found out and didn’t take it to kindly. For weeks if their was any arguments, as sisters do, the first thing used against me was ‘oh your a lesbian’ and stuff like that. Now if they call me that, on the rare occasions they do, I happily turn around and say “how is that an insult that is what I am!”

It’s hard at first and people don’t quite understand but once your out there it’s such a relief, no more hiding or isolation. You can finally be yourself and be happy. There is the odd idiot who will make remarks about it at school or something like that but it’s the 21st century, more people are open and there isn’t as much closed mindedness now. You just need to ignore those who are small minded and be yourself .

Anonymous (14).

Thank you so much for sharing your story – No doubt it will help others like you XX TheOuting XX

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