A BIG Gay Night out!


I got a call from a friend and she asked if I fancied heading out to a gay bar/ club. At this stage I’d not ventured to such a place before. I’d heard of a few , seen a few online and knew that Soho was ultimately the place to go in London but never had I dared visit one. So it was all on for Saturday night, just a smallish more local place rather than taking the full jump in to town. Small steps.

I had no idea what to wear, it completely freaked me out as I hadn’t really discover my style or really had any clue about what one SHOULD wear to a gay bar, gay bar. Obviously now I realise that depending on the place, the bolder the better, but in my innocence I panicked about this for days. Make up or no make up, jacket or no jacket… I ended up deciding to be comfortable so at least I could move well if everything was frightening.

Saturday arrived and a few of us heading off to this bar which turned into a club type thing, no idea. As we approached the venue it struck me how like a ‘straight’ bar it was on the outside, regular looking pub if you asked me. It was a TOTALLY different story once I got in the door, having paid my £2 entrance fee. My eyes were opened to a whole new world. The ceiling was low, lots of disco balls and coloured lights, a small stage area and a little piano side bar. There were lots of funky looking guys and girls working behind the bar. All shapes and sizes of people chatting, dancing, sitting around in pairs or small groups. The music was some 80s dance classic, ultimate cheese allowed most people to get away with various versions of dancing.

I remember being anxious of being left on my own so I instructed my friends to NOT leave me at any point. I needed time to take in my surroundings and to get comfortable. I remember the loo’s were neither male or female, first time I had experienced this so picked a door and went in. Ended up being fine. I also remember seeing lots of same sex couple kissing, holding hands and just getting on with their nights because nobody in there cared. Nobody wanted to ‘watch’ or stare, nobody asked if it was a phase or if we were sure. It was a great, free feeling environment to be in which I was completely taken over by.

I had such a great night and got taken over by the music, the happiness in the room and of course the ability to dance with two 6ft 4 drag queens! I found myself dancing in the middle of the tiny stage. My mate came over to me and shouted “Was I OK?”… I looked up to the fabulous, vivacious drag to my right and then over to the glorious and glamorous drag to my left and shouted back “YES, having a blast!!!!”. What a night, I had found somewhere that #LGBTQ people can hang out and not be stared at, such important places especially if you’re only finding out what it’s all about. It’s especially important to be able to dance your head off to really cheesy music #relief #home #HappyOut

By The Outing xx

•Remember to be safe whenever you are out and about!

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